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  Mekala Audain

Assistant Professor of 19thMekala Audain - Photo for TCNJ (2)-Century U.S. History and the History of Slavery
Rutgers University (PhD) 
Phone: (609)-771-2216
Office: Social Sciences 236

 Matthew Bender

benderAssociate Professor of Sub-Saharan Africa, Agrarian and Environmental History, Director Program in International Studies 
John Hopkins University (PhD)
Phone: (609)-771-2158
Office: Social Sciences 214

William Carter

Assistant Profess1183cd2bf62614ff669ce366d356553aor of Early American History, History
of the American West, and Native American History
Princeton University (PhD)
Phone: (609)-771-2796
Office: Social Sciences 210

Celia_000          Celia Chazelle

Professor of Early Medieval History
Yale University (PhD)
Phone: (609)-771-2205
Office: Social Science

DSC_0583C    Christopher Fisher

Associate Professor of 20th-Century American diplomacy,
the Cold War, and Race Politics in the United States
Rutgers University (PhD)
Phone: (609)-771-2717
Office: Social Sciences 239


Gross-Tajikistan2           Jo-Ann Gross

Professor of Middle Eastern and Central Eurasian History, Sufism
New York University (PhD)
Phone: (609)-771-2213
Office: Social Sciences 211

Craig Hollander          Craig Hollander

Assistant Professor of 19th-Century U.S. History, the History of
Slavery and Atlantic History 
The Johns Hopkins University (PhD)
Phone: (609)-771-2128
Office: Social Sciences 237 

 Roman Kovalev

kovalev Associate Professor of Russia, Eurasia, and Medieval Economic History
University of Minnesota (PhD)
Office: Social Sciences 215

  Xinru Liu

Professor of Axinruncient India, Silk Road, and World History
University of Pennsylvania (PhD)
Phone: (609)-771-2934
Office: Social Sciences 203

 Michael Marino

MarinoAssociate Professor of Social Studies, Education, and
Modern European History
Columbia University (PhD)
Phone: (609)-771-2208
Office:Social Sciences 202

McGreevey_Photo         Robert McGreevey

Associate Professor of Modern United States and the World
Brandeis University (PhD) 
Phone: (609)-771-2129
Office: Social Sciences 208


Paces           Cynthia Paces

Department Chair and Professor of Modern European History
Columbia University (PhD)
Phone: (609) -771-2742
Office: Social Sciences 205 A



QS           Qin Shao

Professor of Modern East Asia, China Through the Ages, and
the City in Modern China
Michigan State University (PhD)
Phone: (609) -771-2207
Office: Social Sciences 209


 Jodi Weinstein

weinsteinAssistant Professor of Late Imperial China and Modern World History
Yale University (PhD)
Phone: (609) -771-2147
Office: Social Sciences 235



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