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“Taking Nicolas Bourbaki Personally: How the most intriguing mathematician in modern history tried (and failed, twice) to join the American Mathematical Society.”

Thursday, February 11 @ 3:30pm – SCP 117 Michael J. Barany – Princeton University Nicolas Bourbaki is widely considered one of the most influential mathematicians of the twentieth century, and is arguably the most intriguing mathematician in modern history. Part of his intrigue comes from the fact that while Bourbaki was a prolific author and… Continue Reading

Wednesday Sept. 23 — Dr. Hakim Adi, Pan-Africanism and Communism presentation

Please join us on Wednesday, September 23, as we welcome Dr. Hakim Adi, Professor of History at the England’s University of Chichester.  Professor Adi will speak on Pan-Africanism, one of the important international social movements of the twentieth century, and its connection to communism.  The presentation will take place from 6:30pm to 8pm in the Library Auditorium and… Continue Reading