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Prerequisite US Studies Minor


1 course unit

Normally, a student is admitted to the minor upon recommendation of affiliated faculty after taking either USA 101/102 Introduction to US Studies or one of the following courses (or others with approval of the coordinator):

AAH 251 American Art
AAS 179/HIS 179 African Americans to 1865
AAS 180/HIS 180 African Americans 1865 – Present
AAS 240/ MUS 245 The History of Jazz
AAS 281/ SOC 281 Sociology of Race in the United States
AAS 282/HIS 190 US Race Relations
HIS 177 20th Century US
HIS 181 American Culture
HIS 260 Themes in American History
LIT 217 Issues in Multicultural Literature
LIT 272 Literature of the United States
LIT 280 Literature, Film, and the Art of American Politics
POL 230 International Relations