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Electives US Studies minor


3 course units

Students select three electives from the following list (or others with approval of the coordinator).

ANT 311/WGS 381 Women and Migration
ANT 315 Ethnicity, Race, and Nation
ANT 335 Global Urbanization
HIS 370 The United States in World History
HIS 382 United States: Guilded Age Through WWII
HIS 383 United States Since 1946
HIS 386 United States Diplomacy, the American Century
HIS 460 Readings Seminar in History: Modern North America
LIT 315/WGS 320 Men and Masculinities
LIT 334/WGS 360 Literature by Latinas and Latin-American Women
LIT 375/ U.S. Literature, 1800-1900
LIT 376/ U.S. Literature since 1900
POL 330 American Foreign Policy
POL 333 America and Vietnam
POL 365/HIS366 Origins of the U.S. Constitution
SOC 375 Religion and American Culture
SOC 380 Education and American Culture
WGS 302/HIS 385 Women in the US to 1900
WGS 303/HIS 384 Women in 20th Century
WGS361/ HIS 365/ AAS 376 African American Women’s History