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Electives US Studies minor


3 course units

Students select three electives from the following list (or others with approval of the coordinator).

AAS 370 Topics in African American Studies
AAS 377/ LIT 377 Early African American Literature to 1920
AAS 378/ LIT 378 African American Literature 1920-1980
ANT 311/WGS 381 Women and Migration
ANT 315 Ethnicity, Race, and Nation
ANT 335 Global Urbanization
HIS 365 Topics in American History
HIS 367 From Civil to Human Rights
HIS 370 The United States in World History
HIS 382 United States: Guilded Age Through WWII
HIS 383 United States Since 1946
HIS 386 United States Diplomacy, the American Century
HIS 460 Readings Seminar in History: Modern North America
LIT 315/WGS 320 Men and Masculinities
LIT 334/WGS 360 Literature by Latinas and Latin-American Women
LIT 375/ U.S. Literature, 1800-1900
LIT 376/ U.S. Literature since 1900
POL 330 American Foreign Policy
POL 333 America and Vietnam
POL 365/HIS 366 Origins of the U.S. Constitution
SOC 375 Religion and American Culture
SOC 380 Education and American Culture
WGS 302/HIS 385 Women in the US to 1900
WGS 303/HIS 384 Women in 20th Century
WGS361/ HIS 376/ AAS 376 African American Women’s History