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New Course Numbers

What does it mean for me?

In the Fall 2010 semester, the history course numbering was restructured. Here are some things you should know:

1) For the time being, you may only take one of the NEW 200 level History courses to count toward the 12 courses needed in a History major. By ‘new 200 level’ I mean specifically those courses that used to be numbered in the 300 range. The one ‘new 200 level’ course you take may count for one of the three ‘electives’, for a regional/geographical requirement, and/or for the premodern requirement.

2) The new numbering is not retroactive. Your transcripts will continue to show the courses you took in previous semesters with the numbers they had at that time. Thus if you took the three foundation courses – World
History I and II, and Craft of History – prior to Spring 2011, they will still be recorded on your transcripts as HIS 210, 220, and 230. Whether you took all three of those courses before Spring 2011 or plan to take one or more in Spring 2011 (numbered in the 100 range), you may STILL sign up for one of the NEW 200 level (previously 300 level) courses. The new numbering of courses only affects courses and transcripts starting in Spring 2011.

3) Some of the courses you previously took that were numbered at the 300 level will now be numbered at the 200 level. Again, if you took such courses before Spring 2011, the change in numbering has no significance for your transcripts or your progress in the major. What was 300 level before will remain 300 level on your records. You may still sign up for one of the new 200 level courses.

If you have further questions, please email