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New Program Requirements

What does it mean for me?

The History Department made the following changes to both the History Liberal Arts and History Secondary Education majors that became effective in Fall 2012:

*Eleven (11) courses required.

*All students must complete HIS210 in their first semester as a History Major

*Students may cover more than one requirement with a single course.

*Two pre-modern (pre-1500) courses are required and can be fulfilled at the 100/200/300 or 400 level.

*Course numbers have been changed:

    • HIS 100-level – Gateway/Introductory Courses
    • HIS 200-level – Foundation Courses
    • HIS 300-level – Lecture/Discussion
    • HIS 400-level – Seminars



Program Requirements

  • One (1) 100-level course counted toward major

Only One (1) 100-level course can be counted toward your major.  100-level courses can and will be counted for Pre-Modern requirements.

  • Three (3) foundation courses

HIS 210 Craft of History

Two from the following options – If you completed both World History I and World History II previously, these will count as the two options. World History I counts as one pre-modern course.

HIS 220 Themes in World History Pre-1500

HIS 230 Themes in World History Post-1500

HIS 260 Themes in American History

  • Three (3) 300/400 courses in the following options:

Option One – Geographic Breadth (default for all current students)

Three 300/400 level courses, distributed in three separate regions: Africa/Asia/Eurasia/Europe/Middle East/ America/Latin America

Option Two – Thematic Field
(Theme should be selected and/or approved by the end of the second semester Sophomore year. To replace the geographic breadth with a thematic field, complete the Thematic Field Form. )

Three 300/400 level courses, selected from the department approved theme options or a self-designed theme option.

  • One (1) 300/400 level elective course

  • Two (2) Reading Seminars (HIS450-464)

  • One (1) Senior Capstone Seminar (HIS 498)


If you have further questions on how this effects your academic career, please consult your advisor or visit the History Department office in Social Science 205.